About us

BookVolume is owned and managed by online platform provider, Follett  . We started BookVolume back in 2008 after recognizing a need for a centralized service for book buyers to source online. BookVolume allowed these organizations to purchase books more efficiently by searching thousands of sellers across several major marketplaces all at once.

One of our core values has always been continued product development, so after 7+ years of successfully helping bookstores buy books online, we created a more complete and integrated online sourcing offering. The new BookVolume platform has been a multi-year development effort, completely rebuilt from the ground up. We now offer a fully outsourced sourcing service with centralized exceptions handling, consolidated invoicing and multiple delivery options.

The New BookVolume is the next step in the continued evolution of BookVolume and our way of providing the most efficient sourcing option for our customers. We are the next generation of online sourcing!